Price Patrol Local Shopping Deals iOS How-To Guide

Get excited because Price Patrol for iOS is up, running, and ready to bring you some outrageous savings!

As you may already know, Price Patrol is here to save you money on everything you buy, whether it’s a luxury or everyday item, no matter where you are in the country.

It is very simple to use. Search for the items you want to and Price Patrol does the work for you! We use your location and search the live inventories of 20 million products from 300 major retailers and 250 thousand locations nationwide for the products you want to buy.

Whether you are sitting at home or on the go, Price Patrol will help you find you what you need.

See a product you like on TV? Grab your computer or phone, search for that item, and save it to your radar. You can easily browse for things you want using our website. Then continue to sit back, and relax while we monitor all of the store’s live inventories near you to find that exact item. Once we have found a match, we will send you a notification.

When you are on the go, use it on your mobile device as a price comparison tool to find the best deal on everyday items you need. If you are traveling or in an unfamiliar area, and need something quick, type in what you need and we will show you the closest store that has what you are looking for.

Let’s get started using iOS!

Creating an Account

If you have already created an account via the Price Patrol website, you’re in luck! All you need to do is type in your email and password, tap “LOG IN”, and you are ready to go.Login

If you need to create an account, tap “CREATE ONE!” at the bottom of your device. This will bring you to a screen where you will type in a username, email address, and password. Once you are done, tap “CREATE AN ACCOUNT”.

Create an Account


Tap the 3 line icon in the upper left hand corner of your screen to bring you to your settings. Here you will see both your radar and account settings.

Settings red circle


Account settings original


Account settings allow you to change/edit your username, email, and password.


Radar settings allow you to turn on and off notifications and set the time you will receive notifications. You can leave at the default of “All Day”, or tap the toggle button to set the start and stop time you will receive notifications.

Snips of settings with black boxes


Search Red Circle


Browsing and Saving To Your Radar

Now for the fun part!

Begin browsing for items through the popular search tab, or by typing what you want in the search bar.

Listings PS4






You will be shown a list of the item that you searched for, in this case PlayStation 4, with a radar showing how much it costs and how many miles away it is.



If you see exactly what you want, tap that listing.

You will be brought to a screen that shows you:

Priduct Description





  • a product image
  • price
  • product description
  • local store(s) it is currently available at
  • store address
  • option to get directions to the store
  • option to call the store





If you are happy with the price and location, then you have all the information you need to go buy the item. It’s as simple as that!

Save Screen



If you want to wait for a lower price or closer location, save the item to you
You will be shown a screen where you can adjust:r radar by taping the orange “SAVE TO RADAR” button.

  • Item
  • Category
  • Search Radius
  • Price Point
  • Minimum Price

Make your adjustments and hit “Save” at the top of the screen.

It is now saved to your radar!

Red Circle Save


There is another way to save an item to your radar. If you remember, the first occasion was when your search showed the exact item you wanted in the search results listings. What if you are looking for…let’s say…a pair of Woman’s Nike’s, but are in no rush to buy anything and just want to browse?

Type in Women’s Nike’s in the search bar then tap the “Save” icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen, and you will be shown the same screen as above (with the PlayStation), where you can adjust your listing. You can also use  the drop down options in the teal bar above the listings.

Tap “Save”, and it is now on your radar.


New Results red circles

Alerts and Push Notifications

When an item saved to your radar is within your price point and search radius, you will be sent a push notification letting you know it is available. These will be the only notifications you receive from Price Patrol and will be within the time range determined in your settings.

Tap the alert and you will be sent to your radar list. You will see an orange circle saying, “NEW RESULTS” on the listing that is a match.

Tap the listing and you will be shown a product screen giving all of the information you need go touch, try on, and demo the item in store making sure it’s the perfect fit before you buy!

Sharing Options

If you see a product someone you know will like, or if you just want to brag to you friends about how much money you saved using Price Patrol, you can share the listing. Tap “Share This Item” and you will have the option of sharing via Facebook or Twitter.

Share snips black box

 You can adjust and personalize the message/tweet and choose a location and audience.

Share FB Twitter

We appreciate your feedback on how to make this product even better. Please drop us a line at or tweet us at @pricepatrolapp. Also, stay updated by liking our Facebook and Google+ pages

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